Location: On Passage

We all started off our mornings. Differently, some were headed to bed after their 4 am-8 am watch, some had just woken up and enjoyed a nice bowl of boatmeal and coffee, and some were still awake from their earlier shift. We had been smooth sailing since yesterday, and things were smooth up into the morning. After lunch, we all gathered for Leadership Class at 1 pm, and everyone was a bit sleepy from the boat rocking. We noticed that rain was picking up and that the boat was starting to rock more and more. Before we knew it, items were flying around the table during class, and we were being pushed up against the table from the boat leaning so heavily. We began to get impatient with class because we were missing all the action above deck, so we got through with class, and most of us put on our foul weather gear and went up as soon as we could. As soon as we headed up, the heavy rain had diminished for the most part, but we were still able to enjoy the waves, rain, and wind. Everyone spent most of their day above deck enjoying the change in weather, and dinner came a couple of hours after. The storms have since subsided to nice waves, cloudy weather, a nice breeze, and no motor sailing, all combining together perfectly, making an amazing sailing day.