Location: On Passage

Today was perhaps the first proper test of the crew’s seaworthiness. Starting off at 00:00, those of us on watch about the deck are greeted by a bright milky way overhead and sea spray from waves over the bow. I’ve been told there was quite the commotion for the 4-8 watch with sudden rain and a thrilling cold wind bringing a short-lived and much appreciated 15-degree drop in temperature as sails were brought down in sight of Nassau. The day continued for the rest of us in the morning after a hearty bowl of Boatmeal™️, Breakfast of Champions, to hoist Captain Linsell to the top of the mast for a test of strength as we stealthily dodged all but the worthiest of squalls without moving. Then as we were ready to get underway once more, the students lead the call to raise sails, and we were again on our way to the USVI with the exciting promise of rain in the surrounding clouds. These are the pleasures of life aboard Argo and of the staff aboard, to see these Pollywog students rise to a new level of saltiness with glee in their hearts and strength in their hands.