Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

As I awoke this morning, I was greeted with not the usual clear blue skies wed been reveling in for the last week, but instead a darker, more grey, overcast sky. As the dreary-eyed shipmates emerged from the dark to the outside light, I was asked, What are those things in the sky? by multiple shipmates. Those are clouds, I answered back, those are blocking those oh so precious sun rays that are slowly turning you all different shades of pink. I looked around at the group, a mix of despair and confusion.I could see it on their faces. Will the sun ever be back, will we ever be able to tan again…” I simply dont know, I’m so sorry,” I answered.

Fortunately for me, minds were soon drawn to another issue thats often seen first thing in the morning. Luckily Julia and her sous chef team had the answer for that in the form of some delicious banana bread and a wonderful fruit saladhowever breakfast was soon interrupted by another unfriendly foe, one often associated with those dark menacing clouds, yes you guessed it RAIN.as the first droplet hit the deck and gently caressed the skin of a neighboring shipmate all hell broke loose. People were screaming, My nana bread, my nana bread, its going to get mushy others simply stood in the rain, as if frozen in place like a statue, like they had stared deep into medusas gaze. Others could be heard screaming at the rain, rain rain, go away, come again another day once everyone had collected themselves over this light sprinkle that lasted perhaps 1 minute or so, the day could fully begin.

Luckily all the rain from earlier prepped the shipmates well, as diving for the advanced course was on the books where they undertook the PPB dive (Peak Performance Buoyancy). In this dive, theyre challenged to fine-tune everything theyve learned up until now. Its not for the faint-hearted. Well, no diving is for the faint-hearted. If you have a weak heart, seek medical advice. Luckily everyone seemed to get through the ordeal and arrive back aboard, where Julia was available to provide more delicious food.

After the lunch leadership was on the cards, people continued to play their favorite songs and explain how much the song means and why. I myself was down below fixing things and heard quite the varied genres of music playing. After leadership, the shipmates were given a real treat of some nice fresh new sheets and the chance to clean and sort out sleeping spaces before continuing with more advanced diving theory.

The day concluded in the ultimate finale that is dinner. Most people dont give many thoughts to this time of day, just that it exists, they have to eat something, and it pretty much ends there. On this boat, dinner can make or break a day. It can pick up broken spirits, repair friendships or even bring together the worst of enemies. Luckily we dont have any issues like that, but Julia and sous chefs cooked us a marvelous good dinner regardless.

The shipmates were then left to study and do as they wish after dinner. Many will no doubt choose to sleep, watch movies, chat on deck, play guitar, who knows whats in store (I don’t, I wrote this a 3 pm).

All the best,


Pic 1 – A cult meeting lead by Ash
Pic 2 – Ruth or Riley or Ruth-Ruth or Riley-Riley or Ruth-Riley walking away from me
Pic 3 – Jodie being briefed for her continued Open Water Training
Pic 4 – Ash looking happy with his catch of the day.