Location: Falmouth Harbour

This morning was slower than normal. I woke up at six with Julia to finish our leadership autobiographies. Usually, there will be people up and about around six or six-thirty, but everyone was slower to rise today. I woke people up to some Jack Johnson; not a bad way to start the day in the Caribbean. This set the morning up to be full of chattiness and smiles despite all of our increasing exhaustion. Ben, Steve, and Ruth-Riley were up early making yummy stuffed hash browns and bacon.

Today was much more relaxed than normal. We began with a marine bio class and learned about the different kinds of algae. Then, the first group of advanced divers went out for the first dive with no skill drills here at our new anchorage. Julia, Margeaux, Zoe, Zac, Kiara, Sophie, Ruth-Riley, Ben, Adelaide, and Calum swam through a school of fish, saw a stingray and an octopus. Zac and Calum found a treasure chest but couldn’t open it because it was a battery. The other group of advanced divers had free time to work on schoolwork and relax. After finishing some work, napping, and chatting, Lenox, Isabel, and I did a workout on deck. It was a bit tough because the boat currently feels like a pinball machine with all of the rocking. After, we jumped in the water and swam around a bit.

Lunch was next on the schedule – it was BLT minus the tomatoes. Then we moved quickly into the next activity for the day. Morning divers debriefed and had free time to relax and work. Then, the afternoon divers got ready for their dive, and Jodie and Pearse prepped for snorkeling. They were a bit reluctant at first but came back with the biggest smiles. Will left his weight belt out during our last dive, so to get it back, he had to do his best dance. So, he asked Ash to waltz with him. Ash, Isabel, Mike, Lenox, Will, Calum, Luke, and I saw an octopus, an arrow crab, smooth trunkfish, and many trumpetfish. When we came up, it was raining, which was very cool to see during our ascent. After we got back, we showered and got ready for dinner – a meal of chicken and rice, which was served downstairs because it was raining. Overall, today was exciting and fun despite the rain and waves with a touch of seasickness.

Picture 1 – Afternoon dive group featuring Lenox’s underwater dance moves
Picture 2 – Lenox, Mike, Isabel, and Will in the rain after our dive
Picture 3 – Margeaux, Julia, and Pease scrubbing the poop deck
Picture 4 – Julia’s interesting technique for decking
Picture 5 – Jodie and Ben hanging out on the deck
Picture 6 – Mike, Lenox, Riley, and Will studying
Picture 7 – Zoe, Isabel, Kiara, Ben, and Zac studying
Picture 8 – Lenox and Isabel working out
Picture 9 – Margeaux listening to music
Picture 10 – Calum teaching seamanship
Picture 11 – Julia, Lenox, and Pearse
Picture 12 – Ash and Will waltzing
Picture 13 – Everyone in line for breakfast
Picture 14 – Zac and Lenox hanging out after breakfast
Picture 15 – Mike, Luke, Isabel, and Lenox getting ready for their dive
Picture 16 – Ben cooking and me drinking chocolate milk
Picture 17 – a group downstairs studying before dinner
Picture 18 – Luke and Lenox putting their gear on
Picture 19 – Lenox with Mike’s GoPro on her head; Mike watching in the background
Picture 20 – Luke, Pearse, Ash, and Will pre-dive
Picture 21 – Lenox, Calum, and Mike pre-dive
Picture 22 – Lenox and Margeaux on the deck before bed
Picture 23 – Afternoon dive group anchoring to the buoys
Picture 24 – Luke, Isabel, and Pearse in the dinghy
Picture 25 – Adelaide sitting as surface support for the afternoon dive
Picture 26 – Calum ready to get into the water for the dive