Location: The Atlantic Ocean

Last night around 1 in the morning, mother nature decided to strike down on us Argonauts. As our watch teams performed their duties, lightning struck along the horizon while large clouds brewed up above. Although the squall only lasted for about a half-hour, it was quite a thrill and surprisingly fun to watch. As the day pushed forward, the sky cleared, and thankfully, we avoided a few squalls that were only visible from a distance. Unfortunately, we are traveling through a low-pressure system right now, so we are relying on the engine as opposed to wind power to carry us forward. However, we are still making good time and have already traveled 963 nautical miles! As we changed course today and started heading more towards Europe, we also experienced our first-time change, so we all had to turn our watches forward an hour. Most of the crew was also lucky enough to see five or six dolphins who were definitely giving us a show for quite some time. In Oceanography, we had our much anticipated first quiz followed by a lab that included candy (which provoked many smiles throughout Argo today). Overall we are all looking forward to our arrival in the Azores, but in the meantime, we are enjoying every last bit of being surrounded by nothing, but the Atlantic and whatever mother nature have in store for us. It has been another amazing day on Argo, and we can’t wait for all that comes next on our epic adventure. Hugs and kisses for all our loved ones at home. We miss you and hope you’re all doing well.