Location: The Atlantic Ocean

Today started off with a morning full of discussion regarding the whale spotting last night (that some people claimed didn’t happen since they couldn’t see) and the crazy shooting star that lit up the whole sky. As the day moved forward, we all woke up from our naps and had some lunch. After that, we had OCE and learned about the makeup of water and the amount of salt throughout the ocean. We then had MTE, and we reviewed for our IYT Crew Test, which was supposed to be tomorrow, but it was decided to be moved back an extra day so that we could have another day to master our knot tying. As usual, after classes, we headed on deck for showers but were disgusted by the cold and rainy weather. Needless to say, everyone rushed through that process and got on with extra classes for the PSCT students, dinner for the chefs, and other various chores. Dinner was a bit behind schedule, so we used the extra time to talk about the exciting things that were coming up once we got to land. Lately, everyone’s food cravings have been getting intense. Although everyone is having fun with our voyage were also excited to see some land, use a bathroom that doesn’t need to be pumped, and get some ice cream. Today was a typical day, but it was fun as usual.