Location: St. George's Bay, Grenada

Wowzers browsers, it’s day 50!! The big 5-0! Wild! We had a beautiful sunrise this morning and awoke to the good vibes of Xavier Rudd. We had bacon, eggs, and fruit for our last breakfast before passage, prepared by our chefs, Rae, Sunny, and Sarah. Following clean-up, we had my class (marine bio), where we not only learned about the deep sea but the polar regions as well! Everyone was at the edge of their seats with excitement throughout the whole lecture-or at least I like to think they were. Afterward, I went to shore to provision (an adventure in itself), so I will fill in what I missed with some quotes from everyone about their day:

Rae- “As the most beautiful, talented, intelligent, charismatic, special person on board, my day was filled with chaos, excitement, and tranquility. I especially loved cooking in the galley with my beautiful, magical, wonderful, also charismatic, and funny sous chefs, Sunny Pratt and Sarah French.”

Mia- “Nice beach, good food, but tired.”

Sam- “Wow, coolest day ever. Felt a little bit like a chicken without its head, but it was so cool because we got everything done. Night dive, presentations, so proud of everyone!”

Ash- “I got to sit surface twice today. It was fun to watch people dive today and then during the night. It’s pretty cool to watch the flashlights at night that disappear as people experience bioluminescence. Oh my God, the dishes!!!”

Fizz- “This is dirty, you guys.”

Alex- “Finally able to sleep through the night.”

Sierra- “Started off really bacon greasy, transitioned to sandy, then it was great turned into very warm wetness with Mia’s wetsuit, but a good kind of warm wetness. Loved the dive with Sam and the sea wasps (sting sting).”

Kelly- “Slippery dishy pitty, schooly and educational, PB and j-y, chocolatey snacky, productive.”

Ela- ” Bread and cheese on the beach and lots of cool glowy stuff in the water at night.”

Brett- “Something about playing soccer with the locals and diving.”

Sarah- “Come back to me.”

Mackenzie- “I don’t know, my foot hurts, I’m exhausted (but with a smile on her face).”

Isaac- “Living my best underwater life, went on two dives at two different times and light levels, and also successfully backflipped off of Sam.”

Sunny- “tiring”

Hedrek- “Windswept, sunburnt, and lovely soft coral.”

I hope you enjoyed this summary of day 50 here on Ocean Star. We are finishing up passage prep now and excited for our sail up to Antigua for Classics!

Kind regards and good vibes,