Location: UW to Antigua

I got up this morning around 6:50, ready to wake up all my shipmates and set sail for Antigua. However, Irv had other plans in mind. In case you don’t know who Irv is, she’s our rescue dinghy. So pretty important for our longest passage.
So, Hedrek and Brett spent the morning/afternoon getting Irv back and better than ever while the rest of us indulged in so much free time it felt like spring break! Some of us played Uno, some of us napped, and some of us lounged. However, Isaac had a much more eventful time. Yep, you guessed it. He fought another animaltypical Isaac. As Isaac was stewarding, he came head to head with a feisty opossum. “YIKES!” Isaac exclaimed. After carefully pondering the situation, Isaac stated to no one in particular, “According to my calculations (beep, boop, bop,) I must dispose of this opossum!” We then ate BLTs made by Alex, Fizz, and Sam and proceeded to have even more spring break! A couple of hours later, our seemingly endless spring break came to an end, and we began our journey to Antigua. We had a record sail raising time of 12 minutes and 39 seconds, then quickly began to watch teams. First up, the Alpha Dogs, “Woof woof.” The Alpha dogs spent their watch dancing, dancing, and dancing some more. Then, the Road Runners, “Meep Meep,” took over. During the Road Runner’s watch time, we all enjoyed a yummy Curry for dinner. During dinner, we realized we couldn’t see any land. Either that or we weren’t looking very hard. We finished off with another attempt to see the elusive green flash but, unfortunately, didn’t succeed. Guess we will try again tomorrow. Now it’s time for my watch team, the Bioilluminatees, “Swoosh woosh pew pew,” to take over and the rest of the crew to head to bed. Good luck to all the people sleeping on the starboard side- I hope you don’t fall out of bed tonight!

As Isaac was performing his 23:00 boat check, he came head to head with another opossum, this time in the engine room. They fought a long, grueling battle. Isaac came out on top of what’s new.

Heddy fixing. Where’s Bretty?
Bretty’s 40/40ing by Sarah and Sarah
the stuff
passing PB
Hat tricks
Half hitching skills are improving!