Location: Underway to Antigua

You read it here first – no land, ever! That’s right, we have been underway for over 24 hours and can see no land, ever (especially if you don’t look in certain directions)! If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are currently on our longest passage, sailing from Grenada all the way back up to Antigua. It’s been a lovely day overall, but I’ll tell you mostly about my watch team (team fun, as we refer to ourselves) because that’s who I’ve been with. So to start, we must actually go back to yesterday – on our 20:00-00:00 watch. Everything is going smoothly. Rae has a killer playlist that’s keeping everyone awake and lively.

Lots of dancing on my part. There are lots of dippers in the sky that both Amanda and Sam are experts at pointing out. And then – a shooting star. Or so we thought. It started like a shooting star. But then it just kept going and getting bigger. And bigger. It was so bright that Sunny, who was looking in the opposite direction, saw the sky light up and turned around. Eventually, it turned into like a giant green fireball just falling through the sky. And then it went out. Holy cow! It was so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it. Then fast forward to our 08:00-12:00 watch – we’re cruising along. This time we have some peaceful tunes to match the peaceful, sunny weather. And bam! Tiny dolphins are just jumping off our port side. They were tiny and cute and adorable, just swimming and jumping along. They looked small enough for me to hold.

Then, fast forward (in all of these “fast forwards” between watches, basically we all just slept) to our 04:00-08:00, and let me tell you, this watch is easy breezy. We come on watch just as we go into the lee of Guadeloupe, meaning we lose most of our wind, and it gets really calm. We sheet in, flatten out, and just cruise. It’s a lovely sunrise cruise, and we’re all talking about how good our watches have been. I jokingly say, “All we need are some whales to top it off.” And guess what – just as we’re handing over to watch team 1, surprise – there are whales off our port side!!! And they stayed with us for at least a minute or two (enough time to breach multiple times and multiple people to see them).
Soooo, team fun had a great experience. Our actual name is the Bioilluminati. Just so you know.

I guess I veered a little off of just day 52’s report. But it all blurs together – felt like one day. And was so cool. Had to share.