Location: Antigua

Woah, guys, we’re back in Antigua!! just a short 44 days later

My day technically started at midnight for the 12-4 watch with my fellow road runners (meep meep). We had a peaceful sail lit up by the stars before heading back to bed until noon (when my day actually started). I very groggily made my way to the cock pit at 11:45 am to find Sarah and Hedrek (the only two alpha dogs to avoid the dire fate of the galley underway). While initially thrilled to see my good friends, they quickly ruined my mood with the most annoying sea shanty of them all, “Randy Dandy O.” If you need something to get stuck in your head for all eternity, I recommend looking it up on Spotify. I have news!!!! We overtook our second ever vessel today, AND they were actually moving too (you may recall from day 30’s blog – Regatta Ready – that we overtook someone… Brett left out the key detail that that ship was, in fact, not moving at all, and we sailed past them as they took their lunch/swimming break). This time we actually were moving faster than another ship, crazy!! I think we really are regatta ready (hopefully because the regatta is in two days).

Once arriving in Antigua next to our pals Vela, we set up a boom swing to jump off of!! Everyone was climbing up onto the boom and skootched (Idk how to spell it, this is Amanda’s best guess) all the way to the end to jump in. I think our record was 5-6 people hanging from the boom at a time, looking like some weird acrobatic act. Also, hilariously, ole Ostar got to do a boom swing while Vela ‘got’ to polish their stainless (we’ve anchored right next to them again). Those lucky ducks 😉 We’ll catch up tomorrow, though, with our BA.

Ok, I just told Hedrek about his feature in the blog, and now he and Isaac won’t stop singing randy dandy o. please come save me. How will I last another month under these conditions?

It’s time for me to sign off and go review for our marine bio exam with the rest of the crew and Amanda; till next time 🙂

starship OUT

p.s. Hi people at home, love you and miss you tons
p.s.s. kelly says hi to her brother Jason 🙂

1 – Road Runners!!! (meep meep)
2 – the most effort that’s ever been put into a toom bop (boom top if you don’t know the lingo)
3 – me savvy and Ela!!
4 – Rae’s big swing
5 – action shot of Isaac
6 – monkeys
7 – selfie!!!! (the sea shanty singer himself)