Location: Falmouth Antigua

A beautiful sunrise and Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson woke everyone up this morning. For breakfast, we had banana pancakes (duh). After breakfast, we had an oceanography quiz, an oceanography class, then a leadership class led by Bretty. Our chefs then prepared sandwiches before a wicked downpour (which, if you didn’t know, is the rule). We enjoyed some nice cold juice thanks to Isaac (rip salties). Then the incredible BA commenced. We got to scrubbin then ruined it all by picking up the anchor :(. Good practice because we then re-anchored after being informed that we could not in fact, dock tonight. Worked out well for Sarah, however, as she got more time to polish and shine the minion and helm as Heddy was driving us in the circle we made. Sierry fed the hard workers chocolate chips to keep their energy high. Then we had some delish pesto pasta with mushrooms and chicken. Then we had some yummy bread pudding making everyone’s mood better (thanks, Mia). We then took another oceanography quiz then got ready for bed as Sary and Heddy played a game of chess.

Everyone at home- I miss yall lots and lots

picture 1- the dishy pit workin hard (rip saltys)
picture 2- the polishing team hard at work
picture 3- sierra being an absolute queen providing the snacks
picture 4- the gorg sunset