Location: Antigua

Set your own course! Seamester said it best…
Today we had an early start, anchors, up at 7.15 for our first day of Classics! Our racecourse was a triangle that we would sail around twice for a 22 mile total. Every sailboat in Classics would race around the same track, but we were only competing with the five other boats in the “Schooner” class, Colombia, Aschanti IV, Juno, Mary Rose (built-in 1929 by Herreshoff, thanks Hedrek!), and our sister ship from Seamester, Vela. When the horn sounded at 10.30, we would turn off our engine and sail over the start line. That was the plan, anyway…but things got off to a rough start because passage prep and some less-than-efficient sail raising meant that we crossed the start line a whole half hour after our section of the race began. We did our best to catch up, pushing O Star up to over 10 knots at one point and heeling over (tilting) at somewhere around 45 degrees, more than we ever have before! Lunch was sandwiches we made ourselves the night before, eaten on deck from Tupperware. Despite our efforts, Columbia and the other schooners easily lapped us, and when we finally crossed the finish line, five hours after we started, the referee boat was not even there. Though we ended up being the only ones left outside the harbor, it was amazing to see other boats like Columbia and Aschanti, our neighbor, cruise through Falmouth, their sails as happy as ever.
After docking and putting the boat to bed, some of us enjoyed pizza with the people on Vela, while others opted for dinner out. I chose to go out to Cloggy’s, a Dutch restaurant/pub at the marina, and enjoyed a well-deserved seafood platter and an ice-cold coke.