Location: Fallmouth, Antigua

But I’ll start from the beginning. Today started bright and early at 6:50 when I woke people up with the same exact song I did the past two times. Everybody was to be on deck at 7:15, so we could pick up anchor at 7:30. As we were gathering at 7:15 to sort things out for the day, we saw the captain of Vela coming up on deck with his fancy whiteboard to instruct the Vela crew about the race. In case you guys didn’t read the title of the blog, we call ourselves totally relaxed team fun for a reason. We set our own course. Anyways Heddy and Sam briefed us in a totally relaxed fashion.
In other news, we picked up the anchor super quick in like 13 minutes (Kelly took one for the team and flaked the chain).
Then we left the dockyard and began passage prep, aka taking down the sail covers, coiling the sheets, and 40/40ing our bunks, galley, and saloon (which very much didn’t work, and everything was everywhere by the second tack).
Anyways, then we decided it was time for breakfast, which was a Spanish omelet made by Sam! It was a great break from all the yogurt and granola.
Finally, it was time to put the sails up! Although this is a lot of work, I think it’s fun. Alex decided to secretly time our sail raise today, and WE DID IT IN 9 MINUTES!!!! That is sooo crazyy fast, dude. It’s our all-time record. (I’m pretty sure I was on the peak or something, maybe… iykyk).

Then, we relaxingly made our way to the start line, and off we went! Guess what!! We were only two minutes late to the start today, so basically on time!! So much better than our 30 minutes late the first day. We felt very pleased about ourselves, especially because there were people starting behind us. Wow- O star was doing great. Obviously, those people caught up to us, but we were in front of them for at least a little bit.
The race today, as Heddy relaxingly told us, was in the shape of a butterfly. This was good news because of the way the wind is like set up because we would be sailing downwind instead of upwind. O star loves a good downwind sail. The sailing was really fun and relaxing except for when we had to tack/jibe. Tacking is pointing the bow into the wind to turn through the wind, and jibing is turning the stern through the wind. In order to do these, we have to really haul on the sheets of the jibe. Basically, as we turn, the working sheet of the jib is eased, and the lazy end is hauled (which is hard but fun because we have to get it really tight before the wind comes back into it, as it basically becomes almost impossible with wind power in it). This may not make any sense to some of you, my family included.
Anyways, we completed the course and won the race! We did the whole butterfly and very relaxingly tacked/jibed our way into first place. They even made a new category for us (because we were just that fast) called the Schooner short course or something like that.
The race came to a close, and all the slower boats finally made it to the finish line. So we started putting the boat to bed. We coiled up the sheets, put the sail covers back on, and scrubbed the deck.
After that, we got some nice freshwater showers onshore and had some dinner. Then we went to Eddie’s for the open mic night!!!!! Someone from Vela performed, which was great. Heddy also performed, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of listening to it because nobody told me the curfew was extended, and I came back to O star. Anyways I’m sure Heddy’s sea shanties were amazing, and I’m very sad I missed them. Everybody hates the sea shanties, but I think they are great. I could sing Old Maui and Randy Dandy Oh forever.
Then the night came to a close. It’s been great racing- we have all been having so much fun!

To my pals back home- I miss you guys so much, and I can’t wait to see you. Much love
To the fam- I love and miss you guys! Say hi to Jake for me.