Location: BVI

Hey, hey, outside world,

It’s your girl coming back at you live from the one and only Ol’ Ocean Star. Today was by far one of my favorite days ever. It was the last day of classics today. We woke up, got the boat ready to sail (“woke the boat up”), and set out to start the race. A couple of minutes before, the horn blew to signify the race was starting. We decided to put up our flying jib (the sail that is on top of the jib at the front of the boat). As we were putting up the flying jibe, we drifted a little far from the starting line (by a little far, I mean, we were halfway into the racecourse). Since we were now so far from the starting line at the time the race started, we decided the planned course they had set out for us to do was too easy and “mainstream,” and we were too unique for it… so we set our own course. We planned our own course to complete so we wouldn’t have to make our way all the way back to the starting line- and the best part (since we were the only ones doing this made-up course) was WE CAME IN FIRST PLACE! I am truly so proud of us. On our way back to the dock, there was a parade- which we were not quite sure how it worked until they called our names. As they called our names, we were so gracefully putting Irv, our dinghy, in the water (while every other boat smiled and waved while their names were being called).

I loved that for us- I think it really encompassed our personality as a crew- chaotic. We docked and put the boat to bed earlier than any other day of classics, so we had time to go on land, shower, snack shop, and chill before dinner. Dinner was top tier- with amazing burgers that we ate on… can you guess… VELA! Eating on Vela has become a core memory of our classics experience. We ordered from a local restaurant, and they delivered the burgers in the cutest little serving plates shaped like boats. After dinner, we all put on our best outfits and made our way to the fancy awards ceremony.

You could definitely pick us, students, out from the crowd of mid-aged sailors because we were the ones who brought a soccer ball with us to the ceremony. We found a field next to the stage and began to play the sport we all love. Sierra would like me to acknowledge her amazing header. I am not quite sure who ended up winning the soccer game, but I am going to just assume it was my team. The Ocean Star and Vela students all split, so we got to play against our own shipmates and other shipmates on Vela as well. It was so much fun. After soccer, we watched some of the award ceremonies and confidently out celebrated every person there (aka stayed out until our 10 pm curfew). We danced our hearts out. At one point, I even went on to the stage to ask the DJ to play one of our favorite songs- UCLA. This was definitely one of my favorite days of this trip, yet It was so much fun to win our own race, get to see our besties on Vela and hang out with them one more time, and create more memories that I know will last a lifetime.

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll see ya next time.
Signing off,
Rae C.

1- racing view
2- me and my besties walking back to OStar after dancing
3- dancing the night away from the DJ stand
4- live performance at the award ceremony
5- dancing the night away from the dance floor