Location: Falmouth, Antigua

The day after the regatta. Three days of racing and socializing can be exhausting. Therefore, everyone on board was treated to a more relaxed morning with a small lie-in plus breakfast ashore at their leisure. We met up again as a group at 10 am (this allowed for the important snack buying time) to complete some outstanding dive logs and paperwork ready for the upcoming Rescue course.

After lunch, the group met in the salon area for another class on Oceanography with a focus on the impact of plastic pollution on the ocean. We then had a leadership class with me, where I introduced the group to a debate we will be having around the struggles of conservation, culture and tradition, and rights to subsistence.

Once both classes were done, it was time to move off the dock and head to our anchorage in Falmouth Harbour. This meant that everyone could go back to swimming and showering in the ocean just before dinner and sunset on the aft deck – not a bad way to finish up the day.