Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Monday after the Monday after spring break, for me, began with the beautiful 5-6 watch and the lovely rising sun! The lads all awoke around 7 to some Maggie rogers courtesy of my Spotify. A calm morning for some was spent hammocking, swimming, enjoying the sun, and attempting to fix awful stupid shorts tans–first world problems, I know–and the shade cause love some good tarp action. The others spent the morning in seamanship, looking at charts and finding tidal vectors ad courses to steer and other navigational things for seamanship.
After covid tests, it was time to say farewell to our beloved Mia, who, if you’re reading this, we miss you already. The six feels incomplete without you! In the afternoon, we had the great privilege of sitting through an hour and 20 minutes of PADIs cinematic genius as we moved forward with rescue diving. Meanwhile, sunny and Alex enjoyed more spring break.
Then we prepped for our passage to St. Kits tomorrow, which we’re pretty good at, seeing as we’re all now professional racers and stuff. Oh, and during passage prep, Rae wrestled a giant dead fish in the water–classic Rae.
Then the rest of us had seamanship, and we finished the evening with some good ol’ lad food (also known as toad in a hole) made by chef Heddy cause Monday nights are for the lads!
alright, peace out, everyone

Hey fam, if you’re reading this–
Big love to you all <3