Location: Nevis, St. Kitts

*Warning* This is mainly fiction for comical effect. Read at your own risk. No one was hurt in the making of this blog, and no child was left behind.

I woke to a calm, peaceful morning in Antigua and enjoyed the quietness as I got ready for the day, but then I had to wake everyone else up – goodbye, peace. Everyone woke up easily, all except Sierra, who woke with this evil glint in her eyes. Anyways, our double head chef team (R.I.P Mia) was in the kitchen, slaving away making…yogurt and cereal for breakfast. Thanks, Sunny and Rae. Staff was up and raising the anchor at this time – though we were supposed to leave by 6 – working hard like always. As today is our last day in Antigua, and we are heading to Nevis. We got moving and had breakfast as we motored out the anchor yard, where I overheard Sierra mumbling about whales and time to act – a little weirder than normal, but not that bad. Anyways We get far enough out where it’s that time – PDF time! Everyone races to get there, and Rae, Sunny, Fizz, and Kelly all jump – literally – jump into their shared hole because we’re soooo excited for safety. Everyone comes up and does triple buddy checks, and then we begin clean up.

As we’re getting clean up going, we see whales! We believe it to be a baby and mother whale. It was such a nice moment – a rare occasion on O Star – when we heard arguing! Everyone turns to find Sarah and Sunny in a full-on fistfight. Just full-on punches to the face, stomach. One to the throat, just duking it out over a Sunny stealing Sarah’s sprite and Sarah tripping Sunny. The fight slows down as they both wear out, and then Sunny straightens up and sighs and apologizes. Sarah, a bit wary, nods and accepts and goes in for a hug, but Sunny then pushes out her arms, forcing Sarah back and causing her to trip on a D-ring which sends Sarah overboard. Sunny looks up at everyone, shrugs, pull down her sunglasses, and skips away – as Sarah fights for her life in the ocean.

Everyone else rushes over, and Alex – for some reason, takes his PDF off – and jumps into to save her. He reaches her and takes her back to the boat when we hear a low, deep, that rumbles the boat. A whale!. Everyone looks back at the stern to find Sierra riding the whale heading straight for us! It’s still pretty early, so no one panics, and we watch as Sierra pulls and begins to scrape O Star with her trident – trident? Where did she get a trident and a whale? I have no idea. As Sierra gets closer to midship, Alex stands on the rail and backflips onto the whale, and he and Sierra cackle evilly as they circle OStar.

But never fear as Isaac, now fully awake after a cold glass of milk, rushes with his harpoon to save us, well O Star. He launches his harpoon at the traitors, and it catches on Sierra’s trident, and they have a mini tug-of-war battle. However, the whale lurches forward, up out of the water, and Isaac takes this chance to do his number one move. He gives the creature an evil and murderous glare! The whale sings out of horror and begins to dive down. Sierra still clutches onto her trident, and Alex quickly throws something high in the sky, close to O Stars sails. The whale, fully submerged and gone, leaves Sierra and Alex treading water – well, Alex as Sierra has her PDF as she likes it.

Anyways, we pull the traitors on board, and I, with my quick thinking, give them each a snicker because they weren’t feeling like themselves. And it worked. They came back confused and apologetic – ish.

After that experience, we got the sails up and began to goose wing. Everything was good. The water was calm, there was a nice breeze, and O Star was cruising along until the foresail ripped! And as it did, a shiny object came flying back around, an object that Alex caught instinctively. Alex glance at the object, and his eyes go wide as he stares at his own personal boomerang – it has his name on it in all caps. Alex panics a throws it out again, but it returns because that’s how a boomerang works. Alex ducks, and the boomerang hits Brett – sending him tragically overboard. Oh, don’t worry too much. He had on his traffic cone highlighter shirt today, so he’d. be easy to spot for any passing boats.

We then get the foresail down and put the staysail to continue goose winging. We then broke into watch teams. I play an excellent playlist, we had lunch, and all was good for the rest of the sail. We reached Nevis before dinner, and so we all quickly put an anchor down and put the boat to bed. We all then enjoyed a quick ocean shower in such calm waters for once, had a great dinner, and then we had brownies! Because it was Ela’s 19th birthday!!! We had a dance party and began making drinks because we’re in the Caribbean, having a party, and there is no such thing as a dry boat.

And that was the day we went to Nevis.

The End.

Leaving Antigua
Chart house photo
The whole group and Alex are taking their time on coiling
Goose Wing of the main and foresail
Boomerang proof
Flaking the foresail
Ash is getting comfortable and not helping whatsoever – the usual
Goose Wing with the main and staysail
Sierra is dying of heat
Great photo of Nevis
The orange highlighter on the helm
Whale Island (aka St. Kitts) – don’t tell Sierra
Carib twins
Piggyback fail
Birthday Dance Party
Kelly’s leadership presentation
All of us on the bench