Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Today was such a fun day onboard! We started with a fantastic carrot banana bread breakfast. It was a very sunny and warm morning, and it was great to watch the clouds swirl around the mountain on Martinique. The scenery on Martinique, and particularly this anchorage, is incredible. I will be a tiny bit sad to leave tomorrow.

We started with an EFR class. EFR is the Emergency First Responder course, which is the medical certification taught on board. As of today, all the students are officially PADI Advanced open water divers. The EFR course is an exciting next step because the EFR certification will count towards the PADI rescue diver course, which is the next certification up from this. Today’s EFR class was about learning the theory side of medical emergencies.

After this, we rolled straight into setting up our dive gear to go on a cool Wreck dive. This wreck in Martinique is a remnant of boats destroyed in previous volcanic eruptions. So, there is no specific wreck but lots of interesting pieces. As the wreck is also quite old, it has formed an incredible reef. Today was the first time I have been able to dive here, and it was crazy! There were so many species of corals, sponges, and fish. My personal favorites from this dive were the anemones. They are the closest thing to being and looking like an alien on this planet. They are crazy colorful, with wiggling tentacles. You can even waft water around them, and they kind of wave at you, like waving at an alien.
It was also cool to see lots of porcupine fish (puffer fish). 2 of them looked like they were on a date.

When we got back, we had leadership class and then did an advanced deck rodeo. Advanced deck rodeo is not for the faint-hearted. It is perfecting speed and efficiency before the upcoming classics race. I’d love to tell you all about these techniques, but it’s a race, and we are very competitive. For more details, watch us on the race course at the end of the trip. But be warned: If you see a sail suddenly go up, it’s probably because you blinked and missed it!

Another awesome day with a great crew