Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today was an awesome day filled with challenging and fun land activities. We began the day with a scrumptious meal of pancakes and honeydew melon slices, then split up into two activity groups: kayaking and biking. After a few dinghy shuttles over to the main port dock in Charlestown, we got into one big taxi and made our way to the bike and kayak rental shop. The bikers adjusted their seats’ heights and went off on a 30km ride around Nevis, getting a chance to see parts of the island that we otherwise would not get a chance to explore. The kayakers meanwhile enjoyed the morning exploring the magical waters around Nevis, finding a couple of quiet beach spots at which to hang out. After the activities ended, we went into the city. We had free time to explore on our own or in groups, trying some of the local foods, or just taking advantage of wifi and other land-exclusive accommodations. Afterward, we all went back to Ocean Star to relax, shower, and get ready for our night out on Nevis at the well-known beach restaurant and bar, Sunshines. As we ate a traditional island meal of rice and beans, chicken, and fish, we watched the sky change from light blue into the magical sunset colors, staining the horizon with orange and vermillion, followed by deep darkness speckled with the bright Caribbean stars we will probably never get used to. As we crawled back into our bunks, we slept, knowing that we made the very most of another day in our fortunate experience in the West Indies.