Location: Montserrat

Ahoy, land lovers! We have just arrived in Montserrat after another fantastic day of sailing. We woke up in Nevis and enjoyed a hearty breakfast of yogurt with granola before beginning passage prep. After cleanup, we tied down benches in the salon, checked the engine room, removed sail covers, raised the booms and the anchor, and we were off! While we students usually work together to raise the sails, our lovely staff showed us how it’s done – with Ian, Steph, and Steve on the lines and Carolyn at the helm, they got us sailing with speed and grace. While underway, we munched on a yummy lunch of quesadillas and bean salad and had a seamanship lesson about the right of way for different ships out in the ocean. Each watch team took turns doing a boat check while the other had time for much-needed rest. We dropped anchor in Montserrat just before dinner and basked in the cool breeze and gorgeous mountain view. Right now, everyone is cleaning up from a delicious Italian-style dinner before heading down to the salon for a marine biology class. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about our adventures in Montserrat!