Location: Antigua

Hello all! Today on Argo, we, the student crew, learned a little more about this vessel as well as some basic seamanship skills. We divided into four groups and were taught by our personable instructors many of the proper terminology associated with sailing. Much of this information was new to our vocabulary, but by day 90, I’m sure it will be incorporated into our daily vernacular. After the short boat intro, we broke off, and some people went to do some diving. For many, it was our first time diving in the Caribbean or the first time diving at all! While some students went and did intro dives, other students went over to Nelson’s Dockyard across the harbor.

The dockyard was quite impressive. Many of the buildings have been standing in place for hundreds of years and still look awesome. This was the dockyard of Lord Nelson and is filled with history. Although we came to learn, it was hard to concentrate on the historical bits because the docks were filled with massive yachts. They were all very beautiful and were a site in and of themselves. The diving bit was also very cool. It was all of our first time in the water this trip, so everyone was a little anxious. Prepping the dive gear on the Argo, then putting all the gear on, getting on a dingy was a little hassle, but I am sure we will improve (we really have no place to go but up!). The dive itself (although an intro dive for some and checkout dive for others) was still amazing. The water was warm, relatively clear, and even right outside this harbor, there were hundreds of fish, sponges, and some soft corals. It was a nice start to diving and our learning experience!