Location: Antigua

Today I awoke as skipper of the vessel, and with that title came the responsibility of making sure everyone was ready for what the day was to bring. We left the port that we had been stationed at for the first time since our arrival, and with this came high spirits from all on board. In a situation of pure chance, the second we got out to sea, a tropical rain washed over us. We left and departed to Falmouth Harbour, where we were to anchor and begin our first experience for many in scuba diving. This was something I personally was very hesitant about being that it was a completely foreign experience to me; however, once underwater for around 10 minutes, I developed a sense of comfort. This sense of developing comfort in the unknown is one of my favorite aspects of this voyage. After scuba diving, we had a delicious meal of lasagna, followed by the completion of our PADI course in the salon. Exhausted and fulfilled, all occupants on board retired to their bunks for a relaxing night of sleep complimented by the soft rocking of the boat floating on the sea.