Location: Elba, Italy

Today was special because it followed the shipmates first anchor watch and marked Toms 21st birthday. The plan was to go on a ‘looped” 7.2 km hike, eat on the island, and return to the boat at 5 (4 for the chefs), Anna and Chad were the chefs today making French toast for breakfast and spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Both were great. Check. Using a dingy we all got to the dock with Stephanie, Leah, and Chad (staff members obvviii) joining in on the hike. Alex knew a little Italian so he asked an old man where to go and off we went. We hiked up towards a church and enjoyed the view unaware of what we were about to get into. Following a trail sign and spray-painted rock we managed to hike up a mountain only to find three possible routes back down. We split up and went our different ways the staff went to the left, Alex, Tom, and Conner down a tree area, and the rest of us down a mountain. Around 11:30 we all made it down from the hike in one piece. From there we ate lunch (my group pizza, the other by the beach), cliff jumping (with some serious guidance from Pete-apparently the daredevil in the group), and ate some gelatos. Back to the boat by five we took showers (diving and back flipping with forced Mohawks obviously), dried off, got together for the squeeze (the question was what is your greatest fear), ate some din din, finished up boat chores, and prepared for our second sailing class at 7:30. The adventure was somewhat painful, but definitely memorable and makes what is to come that much more exciting. A full day, don’t worry folks you are getting in your moneys worth!! ENJOY, bye.