Location: Elba, Italy

Argo and her crew rose at 4:30 am this morning in order to depart the port of Civitavecchia before the 5 am arrival of ferries and cruise ships. Outside the harbor, as we rolled around in the waves, the crew hauled and sweated lines until four of Argo’s six sails were all the way up. Then for 73 miles, each watch team was given the chance to take the deck and command of the ship, and learn how Argo runs underway. Following lunch we learned the roles of each watch team in a fire, abandon ship and man over board situation. Then to the surprise of the crew a large fender was discretely thrown over board in order to put into practice our newly learned man over board responsibilities. As we sailed into Elba that afternoon, the new crew of Argo felt the wonderful feel of exhaustion from a glorious day of sailing the Mediterranean Sea.