Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

The name of the game today was boat appreciation. We awoke this morning to a breakfast of cereal, fruit and yogurt, knowing we’d need all our energy for the daunting task ahead. When the term ‘boat appreciation” was introduced to us weeks ago, it was met with groans. But today, we rallied together and scrubbed the deck, busted rust, waxed on and off. And instead of groans, I heard more than one person say how much they enjoyed it. The entire crew was well aware that this was our last day as just that, a crew. So no matter what was on the schedule, be it sailing, shore time, or the dreaded boat appreciation, because we were doing it together, for the last time, it was ‘so awesome” (as said in Jo’s German accent, of course). p.s. Scotty was a movie star today.