Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

As you may have heard, the food on this trip has been unexpectedly delicious, and today was no exception. Some described today’s bacon, eggs, and muffins as the best meal of the trip.

The day only got better with some radical surfing, but before that and while waiting for our surfboards, we had an amusing time as one of the crew members decided he needed a good haircut.

“I need a hair cut” Ian exclaimed
And so we cut,sheared and we shaved
Hair went this way and that way
And much of it no doubt lies at the bottom of the bay…

We all rushed to assist. The end result was rather fetching, besides the three sad bald spots dispersed around his head.. or was it more… For best results, we advise looking at Ian from front-on to avoid mighty bursts of giggles.

After this amusing team-building experience, we headed off to the beach. The day full of salt, sand, and sunshine left a permanent mark on the crew in the form of jubilant smiles. Though the waves were not large, the “professional” surfers among us helped the rest of us catch a few waves. This experience and the countess red marks on our bodies bonded our group together and left us with unforgettable memories of this exciting day.

Salty, sandy, and looking rather medium-rare, we returned to our Ocean Star for showers in preparation for a night out in St. Barths.

Oh the places sand, seaweed, and salt will go
As we wished, washed and wooshed like pros
Attempted to find fresh clothes
As we wiggle our clean toes

Clean and crisp, we headed off to find food. Burgers, fries, and salads were the perfect meal to replenish our sea-worn bodies and gave our group a burst of energy to explore the pop-ing nightlife of St. Barths. It was soon made clear to us the celebrity status of Ocean Star as locals approached us on our exploration to discuss the boat, important ecological issues, and of course, the best places to find Gelato.

I hope you enjoyed our short tale
Unfortunately tomorrow we won’t set sail
For classes, diving, and beaching are on the plan
Now off to bed and goodnight from the Ocean Star clan.