Location: St. Barths

We woke to a light breeze and the intoxicating smell of French toast. Ocean Star sits right off the coast on the west side of St. Barths. She basks under the cloudy skies and floats gently to the murmur of our tired voices. We made it to St. Barths, but our minds our hazy, and our bodies are still recovering from our night voyage.
The morning consists of a quick clean up of our floating home. We wash the salt away from the deck and coil the lines. We arrange the sails so Ocean Star will be ready for our next voyage. After we finish the cleaning, we have a bit of free time while we wait for lunch.A few of us pick up our rather neglected books, while others listen to music and talk. Once lunch is ready, we gather together and eat. Our lunch of white bean soup is surprisingly perfect for the cloudy day.
After lunch, we move from our anchor to the docks so as to get to know St. Barths is a little better. Some of us take the afternoon to go driving off the coast near some rocks. The water around St. Barths is clear, and the sea life is beautiful. Meanwhile, others head onto dry land to explore the town. Unfortunately, the town is sleepy, with only the occasional passerby. It is Sunday in the mid-afternoon, and almost everything is closed. A few of us hold out hope for a little shopping or a scoop of ice cream and finally find a restaurant that satisfies our sweet tooth.
After some much-needed showers and a few quick naps, dinner is ready. We fill our plates with chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. The food gives us renewed energy, and our nightly clean up is accompanied by an impromptu dance party and some entertaining encounters.
Today was a calm day, but one filled with many laughs and new experiences. In the last week and a half, we have become a close nit group that laughs often and works hard. We have learned and grown in this wonderful, beautiful, adventurous place we call home.