Location: Underway to St. Barths

Introspective reflection is something that does not come easy to most. The ability to look inside yourself and find characteristics and/or traits that you wish to work on or fully eliminate to better yourself, I believe, is a significant challenge for many young adults attempting to navigate a sea of insecurities, especially in today’s interconnected, social media-driven society. Something, among the myriad of incredible characteristics I find special about SeaMester, Ocean star and undoubtedly her sister ship Argo is their ability to pull young adults out of that social frame of mind and put them in some of the most incredible places on the globe if only for a few weeks. The length of the trip, however, whether it be 80 days or 20, is irrelevant as I believe all crews come to the understood collective efficacy of self-improvement and understanding by placing them in these extreme locations and allowing them to utilize the raw beauty and sheer fact that the individual is there in that moment to grow and mature. Personally, I can trace some of my greatest maturity milestones to my time spend abroad with ActionQuest the previous year and Sea|mester currently. I truly do love this program and the programs run by the Global Expeditions Group for that and many other reasons and furthermore can safely say that that feeling is fully reciprocated throughout the student and professional crew. Today was a day of reflection. It has been a full year since I first started these programs, and it has taken that time for me to fully grasp the significance of them and the impact they have on the students that have the privilege and absolute pleasure of being apart of this experience.