Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Slow to rise this morning were the crew of Ocean Star. A breakfast of bagels and yogurts precluded any lingering hunger brought about by the hard work done the previous day. Ocean Star looks exceptionally clean today as she sits on the superyacht dock at Nelson’s Dockyard. The Dockyard is sparse this time of year as the offseason tends to attract few other boats besides Ocean Star. The people here recognize her black hull and traditional rigging as she comes in, and many stops by to say hello. Breakfast is all cleaned up by now, and the students are brought across the water to the Antigua Slipway, where Ocean Star has spent many a yard period. The students observed the different styles of boats, the way each was rigged, and learned of the advantages and disadvantages of each design as a part of their nautical science class. After visiting the Slipway, the students returned to the boat for more sailing theory, and then prepared a grilled cheese lunch. For the second half of the day, everyone was given some time to explore the dockyard. Many students visited the dockyard museum and learned the history behind England’s presence here in Antigua. Tour’s of Nelson’s Dockyard was given by the National Parks Staff, allowing the students to hear more about the sail lofts, officers quarters, the copper and lumber stores, and how all of these buildings functioned to support a massive armada that solidified Colonial England’s power in the Caribbean. Statues of Nelson and paintings of his famous battles hang around every corner, but it is cool to see so much original history in one place. The students headed back early to the boat to prepare for a beach BBQ.

Supplies were made up and shipped out by dinghy over to Galleon Beach. The smell of burgers and hotdogs sizzling over a grill wafted through the air and laughter, and beach games abounded. As the sunset over the horizon, we headed back to the boat for a quick shower and quick change into some evening outfits. We headed over to the Italian Restorante Paparazzi for some dessert and conversation. Captain Smudge broke out a charades app on his phone, and much undulating, excessive gesturing, and poor representations of famous dance moves ensued. It was a good laugh we all had, and it finished the day off nicely. Tomorrow we are bound for St. Barths!