Location: English Harbor, Antigua

We could barely see any clouds in the sky, the stars were shining all over, and they reflected their twinkling light across the calm seas. It was a peaceful night. After a long sail throughout the night, we finally arrived in English Harbor Antigua at around 1:00 am. We dropped anchor and got some well-deserved sleep. When the sun rose in the morning, we awoke to breakfast on the deck with an amazing view of the island. After cleaning up the dishes we stared the boat appreciation project, some of us helped get the salt out of the ropes and sails, and some others cleaned downstairs so that Ocean Star would be as bright as she could possibly be again.

Meanwhile, Leah went on her diving session to get certified like the rest of the students. Later on, we had lunch and shared some funny memories of the past few days of the trip. When we were done cleaning, we picked up anchor and docked the boat over at Nelson’s Dockyard. The advanced divers set up their gear and went for a dive at the Pillars of Hercules, where they saw some Flamingo Tonge snails feeding on soft corals and other amazing sea life. The rest of the crew had free time to explore the island and go for a short walk, while some others read a book or studied for the final PADI exam. Leah, Ally, and I drove with Smudge to the grocery store to buy provisions for the next leg of the voyage. We were lucky to have had the opportunity to see the island and the people that lived here. We saw some baby goats crossing the street and caught a local Rugby game. When we got back, we had everything we needed to start cooking Mexican dinner. Around 7:00 pm the advanced divers set up their gear for a night dive, they saw a big lobster, and when they turned their lights off and moved their hands and fins, they experienced some bioluminescence flashing around their bodies. Before dinner, we took a quick shower off the dock and set up the tables when everything was ready, we sat down and had burritos for dinner, sharing some laughs and stories in the squeeze question. After the squeeze, we watched the BBC documentary “Nelson’s Caribbean Hell Hole,” which was about the English sailors and English ships that used to occupy the harbor. Smudge had us rig up the foresail, and we used the projector to make a big screen so the whole harbor could watch if they wanted. The archeologists from the documentary just started digging up the beach again this season, so we might pay them a visit tomorrow to see what more they have found. It was a very nice day, and everyone was happy, and in a good mood, we are starting to know each other better and better every day, and even though it has only been nine days, I feel like I have known them forever.