Location: North Sound VG, BVI

My foggy extra-early morning wake up was brightened by my first skipper duty of the morning, waking everyone with some deafening 90s hip-hop tunes. Soon after, we devoured some bagels and divided them into dive teams. The special team and I hopped the boat side to our dinghy, wrenched BCDs onto our backs, and made for the dive site. I feel the experience builds every time I dive, and I no longer have trouble with equalizing my ears or balancing the massive baggage keeping me alive. One stingray and many unconcerned fishies greeted us at the bottom and proved a worthy audience for our fin-less back-flips. Apart from clumsily gawking at marine life, we got in a bit of sailing today from Mountain Point to BVI. Teeming with resorts, this usually bustling side of Virgin Gorda was still and peaceful today as we gained familiarity with this complicated boat. Pinrails and the gaff-rigged foresail are new components for me, but I’m sure we’ll be somewhat independent sailors in no time. A nice sunset and stir-fry finished off another awesome day.