Location: Mountain Point, VG, BVI

Today was absolutely incredible, which is no surprise to me, considering the past six days have been some of the most extraordinary days of my life. I embarked on this journey, hoping to learn a little bit more about myself and what I want out of life, but this trip has already offered me so much more. Only a few days in, and our crew is a family. From offering to help with a daily chore when someone isn’t feeling well to bullying someone into taking an opportunity they shouldn’t miss, this crew is unstoppable. Today I wasn’t feeling my best, and I was relaxing in the saloon when one of my shipmates asked me if I would be joining them for the snorkel they were about to set off for. When I told him I wasn’t feeling up for it, he kindly reminded me that it was unlikely for me to be offered this experience again. I quickly acknowledged that he was correct and grabbed my mask and snorkel. I am so thankful for the people I am surrounded by on this boat and the unbelievable support system that I have at home cheering me on. As each day gets better than the last, I truly look forward to every moment I get to spend on Ocean Star with our crew.