Location: Nevis, St. Kitts

Sup y’all. Are you feeling tired? Panicked? We certainly were. It was a day of more rescue diving and learning how to deal with panicked and tired divers. After our fish id quiz and amazing marine bio class about marine mammals this morning (so cool!!), we did some diving. Watching everyone in my group take turns being panicked was super funny, and I think we all laughed at some point underwater. Then we took a break for lunch and a quick dance party in the salon. Savy B. and I did some country dancing and shook it like a squirrel. After our dance sesh, one group got back in the water for more rescue while the other had seamanship to prep for our nav master exam. Lots of charting fun! Afternoon rescue diving included learning how to help panicked divers. Taking turns being the panicked diver made me pretty tired, so when we got to take turns being tired and swimming each other back to the boat, it was perfect. To top off, the day, it was Ash’s American birthday! It was mainly an excuse to make a dessert which was chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious, and now we are all on a sugar high. One more piece of good news is that we got cleared to go on shore for tomorrow! Another great day on starship 🙂

Peace out.