Location: Nevis

Today was amazing!!! I have wanted to dive a wreck ever since I got certified and today was the day. After breakfast at about 10:30, we moved starship about 3 miles down the coast of Nevis and tied it to a mooring over the wreck site. Once we got there, we were briefed by sam, split into three groups, and prepped our dive gear. The ship was split into two pieces on the bottom, so we all made a spiral pattern around the pieces from the bottom up. I also experienced my first nitrogen narcosis while diving which was interesting, to say the least. Diving in a wreck is so addicting, and it’s easy to lose track of time. We were diving for just under an hour, and it felt like we had only been down there for 15 minutes.
Today it was also Elas turn to present in leadership about change and how to deal with it. She had us do an activity that was super cool; we wrote our future self’s a letter about what we had learned on the trip so far. We were told to open them a year from today to self-reflect and look at the change that has happened from then to now.

1. Ela and Savvy, here is a little payback for taking so many selfies on my phone
2. Payback to Sarah for also taking selfies on my phone
3. the bow of the wreck
4. the middle of the wreck
5. Me, Alex, and Mackenzie at our safety stop