Location: Nevis

Day 64 was another adventure-packed day aboard Ocean Star
Today sunny did her leadership presentation on understanding complex organizations, followed up by some team-building exercises such as human knot and yoga. After 20 minutes of trying to solve the group human knot, we finally decided to try something else called the yoga chair; it is a giant circle where we all sit on each other’s knees and hold each other up throughout the circle( picture two). Yoga is sooo much harder than it looks; I am sore from the few poses we did. Alex and I have made a deal to try to do daily yoga… well, see how long that lasts.
ERF scenario-
Finally, the EFR scenario. A couple of weeks ago, after we completed our EFR activities, Ash told us that there was going to be a scenario in which we needed to use what we learned to help the victims. We were told that it could be at any time and that we should be prepared; since then, people have been on edge, waiting for it to happen. The scenario was Amanda was pulling Sam up the mast to fix something and passed out because of being allergic, letting Sam fall all the way onto the deck on top of Zec Efron (the CPR dummy). Thankfully we were able to save and provide all the proper care to the victims.
Rescue course-
The rescue course is so much fun because it finally implements thinking on the fly and adapting to the scenario rather than a written procedure. In the morning after leadership, we took turns dealing with a distressed diver while on the boat. We all got to throw the life ring, swim out and assist them, and extend anything that was available for them to grab to pull them towards the boat. We all took turns being the panicked diver, and some of the actings was actually really realistic. After lunch, we were asked to help a distressed diver while kitted up in dive gear which was much easier being able to help them underwater. Finally, we did the search for a missing victim. We divided into buddies and practiced diving into search patterns.
the squeeze question today was not actually a question. You had 10 seconds to impersonate someone in the circle, and the rest of the group had to guess who it was. It turns out we all actually know each other pretty well. Each impersonation was gotten almost immediately. Some of the best ones were Ash pretending to dump bottles of sunscreen on himself to impersonate Isaac and sunny impersonating Rae by trying to find her water bottle. It’s sad that we are almost to the end of the trip. We all have become so close.

1. all of us attempting to do the yoga seat in leadership
2. The EFR scenario
3. The impossible human knot
4. Savanah throwing a life ring
5. Amanda panicked in the water
6. Getting briefed on the rescue dive. featuring Ela and her duck flippers