Location: Nevis, St. Kitts

4 am wake up today, yessir. . We trained hard from 430 to 700. Watch cold. We ate burritos for breakfast. Omelets for lunch. Butter Chicken for dinner. Very good eat. Thank Fizz.
Rescue dive today is very fun, I think. Ppl didn’t drown :). Seamanship is hard! We smart! Calm waters around these parts are good for sleep.
Sandlot movie was seen todaybaseball boring. Volcano erupted, destroyed all Nieves, RIP. Bathroom got greased. Happy days.
SAMPLE lessons today. Brett actor was very convincing, sunny, and Rae not so much. Kelly found someone in the laz, never mind she is just cookoo. Ash lego game is at 96%, yippee, almost done.
Magnitude 7 hurricane during watch last night! Blocked by me.
Good Night,
(“-“) {‘,’

^^it’s poetry