Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

Today is the saddest day of the entire trip the day of goodbyes. With everyone packed yesterday, it meant there was no stressful panic packing of belongings. As Brian and Christopher, our ferrymen, headed over to immigration to clear everyone out, we gathered on the dock waiting for his return to take everyone (minus Heidi and Lexi) back to the US. As with everything in the Caribbean, life in the BVI runs on Caribbean time, so the exact timing of his return was up in the air. This made for what felt like a long, long wait because no one likes waiting for a prolonged amount of time, not really knowing when it’ll end, especially if goodbyes have to be said. Fortunately for us, this was as quick as any immigration adventure has been from this entire trip.

This trip has been a fast-paced adventure in multiple places. The major driving force behind it was the attitude and go-get-it mindset that every single one of the shipmates had on every day of this voyage, even when we were all tired and just wanted that lazy-Sunday type of a day. They approached every challenge we threw at them with vigor and a desire to learn.

So from the entire crew, Steve, Tom, Amy, and Alex, we thank you for an amazing trip full of awesome memories.

All the Best

Photos from throughout the trip.