Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

Today was the first day we woke up and didn’t immediately wake up and start zipping around the Caribbean or dive deep in the sea (Oh wait, I’ve just been informed that we did actually move Ocean star from one spot in the BVI to our current docked position) Today we woke up. We mustered to discuss how to tackle our last day of boat appreciation. We broke up into groups, one working from the deck down and the other working from down below up. We blasted music and laughed and joked while we scrubbed every inch of Ocean Star. It took a while, but no one particularly complained. After lunch on the dock, we finished BA and finished writing cards for each person on the boat. After our last deck shower, we met for our final squeeze, and seeing as I’m skipper, I made the final question very deep, and of course, there was a twist. After our last squeeze, we headed over to Omar’s for one last dinner together as a group. This was our last night out and night together in general, so there was a whirlwind of emotions that not everyone wanted to discuss. So, instead, we enjoyed our limited time left and made the most of actual cold drinks, lemonade, and water. This trip has been an absolute dream, jammed packed with good memories and a plethora of activities. It will be sad to see everyone go, but the time we had together sailing on Ocean Star will always stay with us.

Remember to do what you love because if you’re not doing what you love, why are you doing it?
Best with love, Liz

P.S Since my last day as skipper on day 5, I still have not found my phone. But it’s all good. Technology kind of sucks and things happen when you’re aboard a boat in the ocean.

PSS. The home is where the heart is, and S/Y Ocean Star has taken our heart.