Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgin Islands

Today, we completed our second to last official day as Ocean Star crew members.
We woke up to cereal or oatmeal while completing the last leg of our watch team for our passage from Saba to the BVI. One of the watch teams even got to see a pod of dolphins chasing the boat off the bow, which was a lovely surprise. Once arriving and getting on a mooring ball, we dinghy-ed over to the historically known “baths,” a rocky area with huge boulders to jump off of and natural baths. After exploring, taking photos and swimming in the baths we quickly got back on board to move to the channel where the wrecked RMS Rhone ship lies, this was an old mail ship that got caught in a hurricane back in 1867 but now is home to a diverse reef we can enjoy. This was our last dive but one of the coolest since we saw a turtle, a shark, and lots of fish living in this ecosystem. We moved to Great Harbour Peter Island for the night, had dinner, and celebrated one of our amazing instructors, Amy’s birthday! We helped make a cake, enjoyed that while watching the amazing sunset, (I surely will miss) and are now completing our Seamanship exam to become IYT competent crew! It was an eventful day, jam-packed with activities, but thankfully we have such an enthusiastic team that hustled and worked together so we could experience everything planned in the itinerary.