Location: 17°50.22'N 063°32.26'W

Waking up at 7:00 am sharp we struggled to get our legs moving after the very very (did I say very) long hike we did the previous day. After 10 minutes, we finally got out of bed and mustered up to start the day. Then we ate breakfast and put our scuba gear together.

The first dive group got ready to dive their last two advanced water dives until certification. It was quite exciting.
Once we got onto the boat, named Great Stride, we geared up and set out to do our first deep water dive. We may or may not have had a few pee breaks off the side of the boat, but who could say really. The main worry or excitement for these dives was one of us getting nitrogen narcosis, which is something you can get once you go on deep water dives. Getting “narced,” as we referred to it, is the same feeling as being drunk, but to get rid of it, you just need to ascend a meter. Luckily no one got “narced” and started feeding the fishes their regulator.

Each group went down about 28 meters on the first dive and 20 meters on the second dive, which was the boat dive. The first group saw sea turtles, frogfish, barracudas, and much more sea life. The second group got to see a few reef sharks too.

In groups, we prepared the boat for passage, took some sea baths, and we started to write sentimental cards for each other.
Finally, we ended the day with our last test to become CPR and First Aid certified, which was our scenario test. A few of the photos show us acting as first responders to the specific situations they displayed to us (do not worry no one was harmed). Two people entered the chartroom to see Amy and Alex sprawled on the floor in different positions with different problems. For example, they could have been unresponsive and not breathing, unresponsive and breathing, or maybe having a stroke, and we had to respond to the situation as trained to.

Now, as we reach the end, we are all trying to make the most of these last few days and cramming every fun activity we can.
So please sit back, relax, and enjoy a few more blogs
Thank you for your time,
Heidi H.