Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Today was most certainly a day of triumph. Waking up a bit groggy, the crew quickly jumped back into the swing of things as we prepared for a rigorous day of hiking. With our lunches, all packed away, and our good sneakers busted out, we set off into one of our beloved dinghies, Irv. The trip to shore was quick, but a little wet as the winds were a bit gusty and the waves consistent.

With everyone safely ashore and relatively dry sneakers on their respective feet, we set off to conquer our first challenge of the day: The Ladder. The Ladder is a staircase that runs from the shoreline up to a small town called Bottom. Let me tell you; it’s not just a simple staircase. They’re a slanted set of concrete stairs up a nearly vertical cliff face that is approximately half a mile long.

Once you make it up those stairs, you have two options: one, continue your hike up the actual mountain; or two, take a taxi directly to the windward side of the island to another small town, cleverly named, Windward. The majority of the crew chose the latter. Despite a few minor stumbles, a little mud, and some steep climbs, everyone who dared to challenge the mountain made it to the very top!

While their crewmates were conquering a mountain, the few who journeyed ahead to Windward enjoyed some leisurely strolls through the town. Though it was Sunday, some stores were found open, and a few knick-knacks were bought, and of course, ice cream was consumed. After a little while, everyone reconvened at a little restaurant called Saba Snacks for some cold, refreshing water, as well as a much-needed break.

With everyone back together, a taxi was hailed to bring us all back to the Ladder. Our tired little legs somehow managed to carry us back down the cliff and back aboard Ocean Star. Showers were welcomed with open arms as it got a little sweaty on top of the mountain, but no less fun because of it. Our usual evening routine continued as we watched the sunset on another great day aboard Ocean Star. Though the days are becoming numbered till our return home, everyone aboard remains in high spirits and are ever looking forward to our next great adventure.