Location: Bequia

Today Oceanstar celebrated the completion of a full month underway with an intense morning and more relaxing Sunday-like afternoon and evening. The day started, right after breakfast, with a practical OCE class on the basics of bathymetry, the representing and reading of water depths, and seafloor features on charts. We also established the amazing clarity of Port Elizabeth’s waters with the help of a Secchi disk, marine technology that never gets old. This science lab was followed by a wreck dive, where we could enjoy first-hand the transparency of the water. The intense morning finished with a tasty baguette sandwich to give way to an SLD class with the best views: at the Gingerbread Cafe. The rest of the afternoon was free. The choice of activities was varied: from taking a stroll around town, maybe buying some snacks, fancying some ice cream, enjoying a good book or listening to nerve-racking Premier League football games, immersing in the discovery of new methods for marine shower time, exercising or even some study and species log-book time. The day was topped with another green-ray-fashionable sunset right before dinner and delicious cake to celebrate our 1st monthiversary!