Location: Gustavia, St. Bart

Last night consisted of smooth sailing in St Barts. The crew woke up early to oatmeal breakfast and immediately got ready to scuba dive on one of the nearby reefs. It was cool because, for some of us, it was our first dive being officially certified. Everyone with their dive buddies had to plan their dive using the information about dive tables we learned from our scuba class with Bobbie. It was nice because no one was nervous but instead super excited to get in the water. We descended to the bottom and saw so many cool colorful creatures that consisted of parrotfish, blue tang, smooth trunkfish, French angelfish, and even barracudas. What was only a 35-minute dive actually felt like hours. Once we returned to the surface, we moved the boat to the dock and enjoyed our lunch. St Barts is completely unique because instead of pulling up to a typical Caribbean island, we pulled up to a shoreline filled with shops like Louis Vitton and Hermes… it’s like a tiny Paris. Once seeing that many of the girls were excited to get their shopping on. After lunch, we took our Emergency First Responder test and quickly got ready to roam around the town. After shopping and all the sightseeing, we headed off for dinner at a French burger joint called Le Select. After dinner, we went out for some decadent French crepes filled with chocolate, bananas, gelato, and more!