Location: Falmouth, Antigua

The morning began with the usual 7 am wakeup and today’s wakeup song was Mr.Brightside. Some people were slower to get up as we had our first round of anchor watches last night. The smell of bagels on deck managed to get them out of bed. Shortly after breakfast and cleanup, we headed down to the salon for our marine bio lecture. The already certified divers then got to go on their first fun dive of the trip while the open water students had their paperwork party! The fun dive was slightly delayed because as soon as we got in the water because my fin strap came off, and Sam had to dive for it for 15 minutes. Once we were down, we saw all different types of fish, sea urchins, and other sea creatures. We returned from the dive just in time for lunch which was burgers today. The open water divers did their 3rd and 4th certification dives which means that all they have to do is pass their test tomorrow, and they are certified! During their dives, they swam up close with flounders, and some even saw a spotted eagle ray. While they were diving, the certified divers watched sea turtles swim around the boat. We named the two turtles. We saw Timothy and Thomas.

Everyone returned from their daily activities, took their ocean showers, and then hung out together on deck as the sunset. To end the day, we were made delicious chili by our head chef Ash and the sous chefs Erin and Max, who outdid themselves today. After dinner, we headed down to the salon for our second seamanship class taught by Brahm. As I write this in the chart house, Brahm and Henry are currently battling it out in chess for the title of Ocean Star chess champion.

Photo 1: Me and Erin, our dive
Photo 2: Erin, Johnny, Sam, and Max ready to dive
Photo 3: Getting ready to descend
Photo 4: Katie, Keaton, and Henry back from their dive
Photo 5: Keaton just chilling upside down
Photo 6: Max, Keaton, and Erin about to take their ocean showers
Photo 7: Keaton, Henry, and Erin coming back onto the boat
Photo 8: Me and Keaton
Photo 9: Grady and Henry showing off their flips
Photo 10: Me, Keaton, and Ash before dinner
Photo 11: The crew hanging out on deck after a fun day of diving