Location: Underway

And so it begins, our longest passage to date. It was almost a relief really, like all the stress that comes with having to buy passage snacks ended. We were able to take a deep breath, prepare ourselves for the lopsided floors, moving walls, and food that refuses to stay down (but that’s okay because we’ve all bought plenty of snacks to replace it with!). We set sail in the late morning, with the PSCT crew taking command. There were a few small glitches, yes- like flooding the bilge and steering a course that would have run us into an island- but overall, they did a great job. They did everything from picking up the anchor to leading the sail raises and making transitions at waypoints. So in no time at all, we were sailing, past a few paradise islands, then into nothingness, only a blue ocean, and the bluer sky. With a calm sea, classes weren’t that bad, and not a single person had to rush up to ”boot and rally”. Even so, it was a relief when we were able to go back on deck and work on our PFD-shaped tans. Then, at dinner, we spotted dolphins, including a youngin’, as they leaped out of the water and then played at our bow- beats even the best views I’ve had at five-star restaurants. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and has come to a quiet end, as most passage days do.