Location: Underway to Dominica

As the days continue on, it appears the work week has started (unknown to us), and the wind has met that demand. The wind decided to show up last night, and we have been pleasantly sailing all day at about 7 knots. With just around 1200 nautical miles left, we all feel privileged to have sailed as much as we have. Today started much like all the others, watch team 3 had a serious case of the giggles this morning on our 4-8 am watch, which continued on until about an hour after watching. For some reason, everything and nothing begins to be hilarious when you spend so much time and early morning hours with the same group of people. As we ate lunch, Wiggy hooked a monster of a wahoo, guesstimating around 50-60lbs! It seems all we need is a vegetarian head chef and the prospect of pizza for dinner, and then we catch ourselves some extra fresh food. After lunch, oceanography and seamanship were held, where tides and course-to-steer were discussed.

As the day dwindled, the massive wahoo was cut up and prepared, as well as a crowd favorite…..pizza! Our squeeze question was one I prepared throughout the day, where I went to each person and had them pick a name out of a hat. They then wrote down one compliment about that person’s personality or character, and during the squeeze, each person read one aloud so that it was all anonymous. With our bellies full, our spirits lifted, and Dominica growing closer and closer, the crew of Argo is a happy one as we sail into the night excited for what tomorrow will bring.

It’s a rough life we live out here eating fresh wahoo and sailing 24/7!

Pictured: Aric, Cole, and Jake with the wahoo, and Wiggy with his monster.
Current position:
17* 28.30’N
41* 12.99’W

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