Location: Underway to Dominica

Now, when sailing, we require four crucial ingredients: 1. a boat – thankfully no worries there, 2. water – I’m currently looking at a chart that seems to be under the impression that we have somewhere in the region of four kilometers under us, 3. people to sail it – affirmation, 4. wind – hmmm. Frankly, I feel as though three out of four isn’t bad. This is just as well, as our progress today was a testament to quality over quantity with a max wind speed of 7ish knots. We certainly didn’t set any speed records. I get the feeling that a slow, easy Sunday has been well received, particularly as this more or less represents the halfway point of our crossing.

Thanks to watch team three’s efforts this morning, the fisherman (a great big upside-down sail on the foremast) went for its maiden trip up the mast today, a welcomed change in scenery for the rest of the crew as they all rolled out of their bunks for lunch. Those that fast enough were also able to catch a small pod of rough-toothed dolphins, which made a sterling effort at swimming on what would normally have been a bow wave. It’s genuinely incredible how much you value seeing a few other mammals out here, even if it is only a fleeting encounter.

Classes this afternoon took the form of seamanship and leadership. In Seamanship, everyone began to have a look at calculating estimated position, as everyone moves towards their nav master exam, and in Leadership, we had a look at the effects of social media on modern-day communication. After this, the chefs provided once more with a veritable smorgasbord of chicken pot pie followed by a quite frankly life-changing birthday cake for Lexy (happy birthday Lexy).

All in all, it was another cracking day of passage, and we’re looking forward to getting on the move once more.

Peace out.

Pictured: rough-toothed dolphins enjoying a swim under the bow, and Ben hiding from the sun while helming during late-morning watch.

Current position:
17* 32’N x 38*05’W

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