Location: Underway to Dominica

There are whispers down below. Crew members sneak into cabins to have hurried conversations. Bow watch huddles close while keeping a sharp lookout, exchanging information, and comparing notes. Suspicions rise. Accusations fly. Fingers are pointed, deals are made–

That’s right: the Argo crew has begun a game of mid-Atlantic Mafia.

GameMasters Mathew and Andrew have set up a real-time Mafia scenario. With five mafiosos, three doctors, three detectives, a serial killer, a gunsmith, and a whole lotta townspeople, the boat is awash with leads, theories, and hypotheses as each team try to eliminate the competition and claim the candy prize (there are Bounty Bars: this is serious business). Eliminations are announced during our lunchtime meeting, giving the crew a few hours to debate before dinnertime trials. Tonight Ian, accused of being Mafia by CJ, was spared from elimination by a hung jury.

I’ve got to admit. I’m a little nervous. So far, Jackie (townsperson), Jake (Mafia), Cole (serial killer), and Jonas (head detective) have all been eliminated from the game. Add that to Ian’s a close call, and well… the simple fact remains that all four of them are members of my watch team.

Who’s next? Are any of the villagers on Watch Team Two safe? Has Watch Two been infiltrated by the Mafia itself?

Find out next time on As the Wheel Turns…

Pictured: Much of the crew hauling on the mainsail halyard to get it raised for some favorable wind; Dan and Jonas sweating the lines to get the mainsail hoisted; Peter smiling as he belays the mainsail sheet in the sunshine.
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