Location: Underway to Dominica

Today on Argo, we woke up to a beautiful sight, a young marlin had been hooked, and Captain Wiggy was hand-reeling it in, its extravagant iridescent blue body was thrashing about ’til it eventually weaseled off the hook and fled off. After an exciting start, we proceeded with getting the engine fired up and flaking the mainsail due to the lack of wind, grabbed breakfast, and watched the glorious sunshine through the clouds, with schools of flying fish fleeing from the bow. After having some excellent sailing wind for the last week, we are now motor sailing for a bit, hoping for better wind in a few days. For lunch today, we had a delicious creole sausage casserole made by Head Chef Ashley (aka Smash) and soon afterward had oceanography and leadership class. Currently, in oceanography, we are learning about wave mechanics, formations, and types, which proved quite insightful to how easy it was to become seasick in a massive squall. In Leadership class, we are covering mediation, so we ran through an exercise in small groups that simulated conflict and what would be the most efficient way to find a compromise and resolve it quickly. As we watched the sunset while we dined on spinach alfredo lasagna and oreo cake, it was strange to think that we were in the middle of the great blue Atlantic, hundreds of miles away from civilization.
-Andrew J. Thorpe

-Group research projects being conducted while underway. Peter, Jake, Dana, and Jonas are currently studying the varying range of water quality from coastlines
-The cake is served infrequently, so when brought out, it becomes a mad dash (From left to right: Jackie, Jonas, Ben, Dan, Amy)
-The awe-inspiring sunset over the Atlantic
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