Location: Underway to Dominica

Hello, and welcome to the roundup of our 8th day at sea. Today was another day filled with sea and sun, but after three days of seeing no one else out here, there was huge excitement when we saw another boat at lunch. We were also graced with glowy dolphins last night on watch and then again this afternoon just before dinner (translation: glowy dolphins = bioluminescent dolphins, very cool!) as we spend a large portion of our days sitting whilst underway, either in the cockpit during watch, in class, studying, or chilling out. Watch team workouts have become somewhat a necessity. Ben led watch team 3 in a killer arm workout on their 8-12 watch this morning, and they were all super sore as they had had workout hour on watch the previous night! Breakfast whilst underway (yes Kate I’m sorry I’m also talking about food!) is standard oatmeal, but this morning Dana put on her chef hat and made everyone on watch team three her hazelnut deluxe special (still oatmeal though) which went down very well and awarded her some 5* reviews. We had marine bio class which covered coral reef communities and different species, which we’ll see once we arrive in Dominica and Dan covered set and drift in seamanship.

To end squeeze, we had a thumb war battle. It came down to Ian and Ian, and Ian won…. but which one? There is literallllllllllllly no way of knowing…..

Pictures: morning workout, Ev on the helm, clockwise – Amy, Smash, Claire. Sydney, CJ
For Mumma/Pappa/siblings of Smash and my family – we made it into the blog! So, hello 🙂 we miss and love you lots
Dana working on her oatmeal creation
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